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[Thomas Arclight]  
interaction links  ★♥☀❦Φ  He's the brother I have spent the most time with for a variety of reasons. The trick is to not trust what he says, or what he does, but how hard he hugs you. Likes to tousle my hair and needs to learn to mind his own business though, honestly, I appreciate everything he has done for me. He really does take good care of me. I wouldn't give him up for anything.
[Christopher Arclight]
interaction links  ★♥☀Φ  My oldest brother! He gives the best hugs, and he looks the most like Father. I don’t get to live with him here, though perhaps that isn’t completely bad? At least Thomas and I won’t be getting in his hair all the time. He’s no longer in charge of handing me money. He has also been living with Kaito now for over two months, and I am glad that they are getting along. At least well enough the either of them have had to move out. Though I do realise they are both private people.
[Kamishiro Rio]  
interaction links  ★●☼❦Φ  My not!mom, and not!sister. All things considered, I really am lucky in regards to her, and so is Thomas. Even if she is a little rash, she’s genuine and well-meaning. Ryouga could learn a thing or two from her. Has all-around excellent taste.
[Mizuki Kotori]  
interaction links  ◆Φ  I don’t really know much about her, but she is a friend of Yuuma’s, and Yuuma is lucky that she is. She is eminently sensible, and really is mature. Someone whom I admire and hope to get to know better.
interaction links  ★●❦  Someone whom I hurt very badly in the past, and to whom I still owe a great deal. I hope that being human isn’t too dull for him? (Or confusing. Humans are such messy beings.) Has a good sense of humour. I promised  that I would protect him, so I will definitely be watching out for him. 
[Tenjou Kaito]  
interaction links   ◆☼❦ He thinks he’s a hardass, but really he is an older brother type. I have apologised to him for what happened on my first day here. I'm truly grateful that he let me even approach him. All I can say is that I hope he continues to have it easier than he's had it before. Perhaps it is too early to even think this, but I'm starting to hope that things might be looking up for our families.
interaction links  ●❦   He's a Barian. But he's more than that. 
[Kamishiro Ryouga]  
interaction links  ◆❦  A kid who really likes sharks. He’s younger than me.  I know we don't deserve forgiveness, but I am glad that I have had the chance to talk with him. I really hope that things between our families can get better. I would even say there are some signs already. Thomas is growing a bonsai tree for him--isn't that just swell?
interaction links  ●  I guess he's technically an alien, but he seems really human to me. He is my first alien!friend that I have made here who isn't someone I knew (of) back home. Currently I am teaching him how to drive.
[Quistis Trepe]
interaction links   ◆    Another alien/person who isn’t from Earth. She is very intelligent and well-spoken, and once worked as an instructor at a military institution called a Garden. Currently I spar with her sometimes at the LEU building. I really appreciate how she treats me. She listens to me. And she cares.
[Norma Beatty]  
interaction links   ●    Norma is really great! She gave me my first nickname (which is Charming, by the way) and she also gave me first hug here at Holly Heights if you don’t count the hugs from my brothers. I'm in her club!
[The Kingdom of Denmark]  
interaction links    ◆❦   Another one of the country people I have been encountering here in Holly Heights. He’s really old, but he has a very youthful spirit! Don't they say that age is a state of mind? This is a guy whom I am think is a lucid example of that. I wonder if he can ever be too pushy, however; he tried to parent me, even more than Christopher would.
interaction links   ◆    I don’t know if Veronica is from a version of Earth or not, but whatever the case may be, she is from a world in which there is magic. She's also a princess of a land called Zerestria.  She is a good person, and I think that she has very gentle soul.
[Kobato Hanato]  
interaction links   ◆    I don’t know very much about her, but she strikes me as very nice and polite. When I go to the Honey Bee I need to ask for her as my waitress so she can recommend to me all kinds of really good things.


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