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Out of Cast:
  • Quistis: An album. Hopefully she will take pictures and totally be a bit sentimental about it. She will also receive a set of 33 different teas, all blended by himself, for a variety of ailments ranging from headaches, to stomach aches, to sleepless nights; they in individual canisters packed into a circular black lacquer box.
  • Aichi: A practice fencing sword.
  • Ion: A varied set of origami papers, an instruction book, and a basket of baked goods. 
  • Tyr: A tasteful dog lead for Laura.
  • Norma: A high quality skip rope ( actually made of braided rope with wooden handles! ) and a donation of $75 to her club.
  • Veronica: A book of basic baking recipes. Additionally she will receive a pair of nice oven mitts and a package of baking parchment.
  • Kobato: Lotus candle holders with electronic candles included. 
  • Iceland: A set of various herbal teas and a rather basic—though practical—scarf. ( It's something that would be considered hip in Europe )
  • Reki: He tried to get something for both her and her iguana, so he got her a set of fancy bath bombs.

In Cast:
  • Christopher: Blue!ugly Nordic sweater set. Includes: sweater, hat, mittens, scarf, stockings. A lacquered goban too, partially for his birthday.
  • Thomas: Gold!ugly Nordic sweater set. Includes: sweater, hat, mittens, scarf, stockings.
  • Rio: Sensible earrings.
  • Kotori: A broach.
  • Ryouga: A parrotfish for his aquarium, and a duel voucher.
  • Alit: A kickass jacket that is totally suited to his style. Also it's sanguine. Because yeah. 
  • Kaito: Babysitting vouchers, and tap lights for Haruto/the household.
  • Haruto: Surprise/joint gift with Thomas.
  • "Rei": A pet rock.
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